Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dreams Halloween Spooktacular Stream

Watch Media Molecule's Halloween Spooktacular | #DreamsPS4 from Media_Molecule on

The October Halloween themed Dreams Stream is up on twitch!

The creepy wolf / dragon / demon thing is very cool, always fun to watch something original being sculpted from start to finish. I can't tell if the blanket art style within Dreams lends itself particularly well to these kinds of cartoon creepy levels and creations, or perhaps it's just that this is what Media Molecule tend to veer towards when making things. When the game is in the hands of the general public it will be interesting to see if the majority of player content has the same vibe.

We also get to see our first (correct me if I'm wrong) animated quadruped in this video. The animation on the skeletal horse looks great! Very promising for the potential scope of what can be made in the game.

Everyone in the studio seems to be having a great time. I wonder if for players it will in general be more fun to create or play levels?!