Friday, February 8, 2019

End of the Beta

The Beta testing phase for Media Molecule's Dreams wrapped up at the beginning of this week.

Dreams Creator Beta finished

It was fantastic to be involved. The Beta completely smashed my expectations, which were incredibly high. I've included some screenshots below, but I'll write more about the Beta, and share pics and videos of player content later in the week.

For now, I just can't wait for them to drop the release date!

Beta - Halfling Village screenshot

Some scenery from a fantasy game I was building. This was the first game I started. Sadly the Beta ended before I could finish it :(

Beta Connie the Cone Screenshot

Connie the Cone in her home space.

Beta abstract red art

Some surreal art made sing random kaleidoscopic shapes that were set on spinners. I made videos of these and will upload soon.

Beta abstract red art 2

I used gadgets in game to create a pulsing effect with the colours and lights which looked really cool. Can't wait to play around like this more when the game comes out, and perhaps turn them into an abstract game!