Sunday, November 25, 2018

Early Dreams Stream with Shuhei Yoshida

It's an old video (From July 2016) but I thought I'd post it now because... why not! The video features Alex, Dave, and Kareem of Media Molecule sitting and talking with Shuhei Yoshida, who is a godfather-like figure at Sony Computer Entertainment.

Dreams PS4 - Exclusive In-development Gameplay with Shuhei Yoshida!


The video starts with some time-lapsed sculpting, including a very arty and impressive head that looks like it's carved out of stone, and then seemingly in complete contrast, we see some kind of energy being made out of moving lights! The video moves on to show Shuhei play through a game. The levels and characters here look to be those that will feature in the story mode which will be included with Dreams on release. The video rounds up with the guys creating a level.

What I find amazing about this video is to see how far along in development the game was over two years ago! It feels as though Mm must have applied painstaking attention to detail on the finishing touches of Dreams. Hope it will be worth the wait.